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How to download Ragnarok birthright
  • Find and Download and Save the Lite Installer on your computer.
  • Extract the Lite Installer in the same folder as your kRO or RO Folder. (Make sure no other server is installed in this folder)
  • Go into the RO folder and find the RO Patcher. Right click it > Go to properties > Run as Administrator.
  • Run BirthrightRO Thor to receive the latest updates. You should use this patcher to start the game everytime!
  • To play BirthrightRO, you require latest kRO installed. Do you have this version, or a more recent version, installed on your computer? 
    If the answer's no (or if you're not sure), you'll need to do a complete install. 
    To make this extra convenient, we've set up all the files you'll need in the BirthrightRO complete installer. 
    Just download, install and you're ready to go! See you in game!

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